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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Hill Climb

Most of you will know Matlock Bank, the very steep hill running up from Crown Square.
Last weekend a hill climb was held there, and our Road Cycling Reporter Keith Lycett was there.
Here is his account of the event, and above a great photograph. Click on photo to see full screen image.

If you like climbing hills and some do and some don't, then the National Hill Climb Championship on Sunday 26th October might have been of interest to you. It was local, at Matlock, had a lot of local riders, some fancied to win, the sun was shining most of the day, and the support was all the way up the 834 metre climb (ascending 351ft) of Bank Road. Riders ranged from 15 year olds to pensioners, some weaving their way up the climb with arrogant ease, whilst others struggled when reaching the really steep sections. (I know the feeling! Ed)
Shouts of "Up! Up! Up!", with every rider clapped as they ascended the stiff climb and the younger they were the more their support. It made for a unique spectacle, and nourished with bacon cobs and tea from a local church hall, we ignored the sharp winds and enjoyed the day. Alas the nearest local rider was Dave Clarke 6th and Charlie Taylor 7th, it was won by Matt Clinton (Coventry).

Keith Lycett for Derby Rangers Blog - Matlock.

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