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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Five go mad in Leicestershire (Peter's tale concluded)

On Monday, after parting company with Peter and Martin at Kegworth, Tony and I continued on to Long Eaton by Long Lane, Sawley Marina and Trent Lock, a reasonably traffic-free route. There I said cheerio to Tony and set off home to Heanor via the Nutbrook Trail. At Marlpool, near what used to be the Lakeside Business Center, I found a shattered cast iron drain cover. Anyone walking there, especially in poor light, was likely to fall into some filthy water at least, and possibly break their leg. This has now been reported to DCC and hopefully something will be done very soon.

I attach here a pic of the Famous Five at the Od'thorpe café in Quorn (referred to by Peter below).

I will also post one or two video clips taken at the GCR in another posting.

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Anonymous said...

The cafe is called od'thorpe because the two girls running/owning it are called O'Dwyer and Thorpe. The photo was taken by Ms O'Dwyer who also makes a good cuppa.